Private Basketball Training This is a one on one 60 minute training session with one of our professional trainers. During this session our trainers can focus on the specific needs of the player. Email us at:

Basketball Training 

TEAM TRAINING This is a 90 minute training session. Team training allows coaches to work alongside our professional trainers to help teams reach their full potential. All aspects of the game are worked on such as offense, defense, proper shooting technique, footwork and ball handling. Our trainers can customize training sessions to the needs of the coach and the team.  Email us at:

‚ÄčElite BASKETBALL TRAINING (maximum player to trainer ratio of 5:1)
Small Group Player Development is a great way to get an awesome, economical, organized workout that will help participants improve their individual skill and learn the game of basketball. In these sessions we address the fundamental skills of ball-handling, passing, shooting and footwork while adding in 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 competitions. All players must register online at least 24 hrs. prior to sessions.