CAI Post Grad

​The CAI Prep Academy post-graduate program is not a repeat of a senior year in high school. CAI Prep Academy is a college prep school program that has been put into place to instill structure into a young students’ daily college routine, improve grades and test scores while providing an extra year of athletic development.

The one competitive activity offered to our Post Graduate students is basketball.  The schedule offers 30 games, as well as daily individual instruction and team practices.  The schedule includes both small college and Class “A” prep schools from throughout the northeast.

Students enrolled at CAI Prep Academy not only are given the opportunity to increase their academic standpoint but athletically students are eligible to compete against NCAA junior varsity teams, colleges and other prep school programs. Thus, this allows the student to have maximum exposure to major college programs to recruit students enrolled at CAI Prep Academy.

CAI Prep Academy is a organization geared towards providing exceptional academic and athletic support for all student athletes, male who desire to further their education while participating in sports activities in search of college scholarships.

CAI  Students needing standardize test improvement  will facilitate an ACT/SAT Prep Course that enables the student-athlete to become confident in his/her test taking abilities. This academic program will prepare our students to obtain the necessary score needed to achieve admittance into his/her college or university of their choice, therefore increasing their marketing ability while at CAI.

This ACT/SAT test prep course is designed to prepare and enhance the student’s efforts with an intensive, rigorous, small classroom environment. Upon completion, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the ACT/SAT test format, time management, and the confidence needed to execute specific ACT/SAT test prep strategies Scholarships.

CAI Player Development

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